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Artist Monday_Tijana AmbrisakTijana Ambrisak is a talented artist and sculptor from Serbia.  Currently she is a mother of a new daughter, but still manages some excellent work in her free time that she often highlights on her Facebook page.

Check out Tijana’s Facebook page for updates and images of her work.

You can also follow her, and see more of her work at her ArtStationDeviant Art and Behance pages.

Now onto some more of Lisa’s outstanding work… (more…)

Post Fanboy Expo 2016

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This year’s Fanboy Expo in Knoxville was bigger than ever. They made the move to a bigger hall in the convention center. Kudos to them for their success.

As with most things, there were definitely some growing pains. For the vendors, anyway. The personal touch that used to be associated with Fanboy had disappeared. It was common at the Knoxville and Tampa shows to get a visit from someone on the staff once a day or more. I guess when you’re trying to organize chaos, something has to give. Shame it had to be what made this a convention we really looked forward to attending.

There were some fun people in attendance. Here’s a few snaps of some cosplayers that passed our way.

Writer Wednesday – Douglas Wynne

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Writer Wednesday_Doug Wynne

Now that we are back from Heroes Con and I am fully recuperated from the Drink and Draw (where I only drank pints of Guinness), allow me to introduce this weeks Author – Douglas Wynne.  Douglas is a writer of Dark Fantasy and Horror fiction who lives with his wife and son in Massachusetts.  He is also a musician, martial artist and small business owner.  In his own words ”  Douglas Wynne is no stranger to dark places; he honed his storytelling craft as a frontman in basements and bars during Boston’s 90′s era underground rock scene.”  I have to say that sounds a lot more interesting than by backstory.

Douglas has authored three novels, The Devil of Echo Lake, Steel Breeze and Red Equinox as well as several short stories a few of which can be found in Christmas Lites V and The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft, in which he authored the story for the Lovecraftian Mythos Elder God Yig (or Great Old One, depending on with whom you are debating).

To find out more about Douglas Wynne you can check out his Website where he has a regular blog, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

You can also buy his books and anthologies that contain his stories at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Below if an Excerpt from “The Joining”


Post Heroes Con – Back to Work

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Well, Heroes Con 2016 is over and we are back to our offices grinding away.  The show was a blast and we met some fantastic people including some amazing authors and artists.

We would like to thanks some of the great people with whom we had the honor of sharing our Artist Alley Row:  Gabriel Sentiff, Deena Pagliarello, Topher Kearby, Steve Lang, Marshall Lakes, & Kela Hunt  We’re fortunate to have spent the weekend in their company and are grateful to each of them.

We would also like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth to chat, picked up some product and spread the word. We appreciate every aspect of your support!

Look for our Cosplay Friday post this week where we will showcase some of the amazing costumes that were to be seen over the Heroes Con weekend.  Here is a little teaser…

HC2016_11&_Starwars Ladies

HC2016_114_Batman 2

HC2016_11_Lollipop and Scarecrow

Artist Monday: Lisa Lamb

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Artist Monday_Lisa Lamb

Lisa Lamb is a fascinating artist from Durham, UK.  She is a freelance artist that works as a colorist, and inker for several comics.  She also has an amazing portfolio of abstract and traditional art.

Check out Lisa’s Facebook page for some great insight to her creative process.

Go to her Website to see a larger collection of her artwork, buy a piece or hire her for a commission.

You can also follow her, and see more of her work at her Twitter, Deviant Art and pages.

You can also email Lisa to request a commission at

Now onto some more of Lisa’s outstanding work…

Lisa Lamb_1


CosPlay Friday: Lindsay Elyse

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CosPlay Friday_CosPlay Friday_Lindsay Elyse This weeks Cosplayer is the stunning Lindsay Elyse.

Lindsay is a lovely young cosplayer from the Phoenix area who got started when her mom took her to an anime convention: she was just a geeky gamer with no friends and her mom wanted to get her out of the house.  And look at her now, still just a geeky gamer girl that has become one of the hottest cosplayers on the planet.  Add to the fact that she is is beautiful, and avid gamer and cosplayer, but she also loves going to the Renaissance Festival, drinking Guinness and is a championship Irish Dancer – can you get any more perfect than that?

Oh yeah, she also is a Chivette and like Tacos – So Lindsay, if you are ever in Tampa (maybe for the Tampa Comic Con?) hit up the local Chive Chapter and join us for a Taco Tuesday.

Be sure to tune in and follow Lindsay on her Twitch feed where you can find her gaming three nights a week when she is not traveling to Cons.

To find out or see more, like and follow Lindsay Elyse at her Facebook Page, at Twitter , at Tumblr Instagram and YouTube.

To purchase some of her amazing prints and other merchandise visit her Bigcartel Page.

You can also google her to find some very entertaining interviews like the one here at

So here are a few more of her Cosplay photos – Wow!

Lindsay Elyse_1  (more…)

Heroes Con Table Artist Alley 2020

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Okay groovy people. We’ve received our table assignment for Heroes Con. We’ll be in Artist Alley 2020 (AA-2020) in Hall A. That’s toward the right in back. Just walk straight, hook a right once you hit Artist Alley and keep an ear open for snarky comments and lots of laughter. We won’t be far away.

The convention will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center from June 17-19, 2016. For the uninitiated, Heroes Con is a very popular comic book convention that hosts artists and writers from all over the country. The show has expanded in recent years from Hall A to include Halls B & C.

In addition to the vendors and exhibitors, there will be plenty of cosplayers roaming around. A charity auction and Saturday night Drink and Draw round out the weekend festivities. For complete info on the convention, check out Heroes Convention Charlotte.

We’ll have the remainder of our convention preview printings of both “Dread Ledger” and “Elyse & Fields” comics. Numbers are running low and this was a one-time special printing. Better grab ‘em fast!

So, pop by our table and look at our wares, share a story … or a beer. Should be a fun time for every one!

Artist Monday: Timur Khabirov

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_Timur Khabirov_Artist Monday Timur Khabirov is an outstanding artist from Tula, Russia.  He is a freelance artist, illustrator and drummer.  Timur’s incredible attention to detail makes his artwork a wonder to behold.  As part of his freelance work you can find his art on the cover’s of several Russian heavy metal bands.  I look forward to maybe seeing some of his work in upcoming issues of our Dread Ledger.

To see more of Timur Khabirov’s  work you can find him at and Béhance web pages.

You can also like, follow or contact Billy at any of his social media outlets: Timur Khabirov Art Facebook Page



and Deviant Art

You can also email Timur to request a commission at

Here are some more examples of Timur Khabirov’s fascinating work… Timur Khabirov_5 (more…)

Cosplay Friday

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CosPlay Friday

_CosPlay Friday_Lisa Lou Who


This weeks beautiful Cosplayer is Lisa Lou Who.

In her own words, Lisa is “Just dork-ing up the world with my handmade costumes!”  Gotta like that.  And by dork-ing it up she doesn’t just mean her excellent cosplay, Lisa also runs her own small business making custom hoodies, hats and other merchandise.

Lisa Lou Who is a small business owner and cosplayer from Minnesota.  She got her start in cosplay in 2010 with her first official costume Roxie Richter from Scott Pilgrim.  It has been uphill ever since.

To find out or see more, like and follow Lisa Lou Who at her Facebook Page, at Twitter , at Tumblr , Deviant Art and at Instagram.

To view and purchase some of her amazing hoodies and other merchandise visit her Rarity’s Boutique Page and Rarity’s Boutique Facebook.

Help Lisa out and sponsor her at her Patreon page. where you can get access to behind the scenes photos and blogs, and photo’s you will find nowhere else.

Also, if  you want to book Lisa for an upcoming event you can contact here at

Lisa Lou Who_25

Click “more” to see some additional photos of the lovely Lisa Lou Who.


Writer Wednesday: Adrian Ludens

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Writer Wednesday_Adrian Ludens A few weeks back we featured Author C. W. LaSart and after reading an anthology she did with fellow South Dakota authors Adrian Ludens and Doug Marano, I was so impressed with some of the stories I decided to shine the spot light on one of them – which one should I choose.  After the coin flip, I am happy to introduce Adrian Ludens.  Adrian lives with his family in the Black Hills of South Dakota. When he is not writing, watching hockey (I wonder if he’s a Lightning fan) or out exploring, he also works as a radio announcer and program director.  Adrian has authored two collections of short dark/weird fiction: Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles and When Bedbugs Bite, in addition to the anthology Gruesome Faces, Ghastly Places that he did with C.W. LaSart and Doug Marano.  His stories can also be found in such publications or anthologies including: Blood Lite 3: Aftertaste, Shadows Over Main Street, The Mothman Files, Gothic Fantasy Science Fiction Stories, Darker Edge of Desire, and Slices of Flesh.  He has stories coming out this summer in Now Playing in Theater B (A Murder of of Storytellers), Cranial Leakage 2, Creepy Campfire Stories Quarterly #3, Muffled Scream 1: Corner of the Eye, Dark Horizons: an Anthology of Dark Fiction and the debut issue of Turn to Ash.

If you want to buy his books Author Page on Amazon or just click the following:  Bedtime Stories for Carrion Beetles,  When Bedbugs Bite  and Gruesome Faces, Ghastly Places.

To learn more and access some of his flash fiction visit Adrian at his webpage

You can also find him on Facebook at his Facebook page and at the page for When Bedbugs Bite.

You can also follow him on his Twitter feed.

The following is an excerpt from Adrian Luden’s story Ghost Soup included in Gruesome Faces, Ghastly Places.  Enjoy…